South Thuringia and the area around Schmalkalden have been hubs of metalworking and ironware for centuries. People in the region are said to be tenacious, extremely precise and inventive. This might be a reason why our company has been so successful here right from the start and why its quality awareness is so well received.

1938 The company is founded by the Mahr brothers as a branch of Feinprüf GmbH Göttingen
April 1945 The factory is occupied by US Army troops
September 1945 The US Army withdraws and the company is incorporated within the Soviet Joint Stock Corporation for Precision Mechanical Engineering
1947 The company is returned and then nationalised
1956 VEB (Public Owned Operation) "Lehren und Meßgerätewerk Schmalkalden"

The company enjoyed a consistent positive development during the 1950s to 1970s. The launch of export operations in the mid-1950s is testimony to the company’s performance, as are the expansion of the company facilities, the purchase of additional land for operational use and the acquisition of new tool machines and measurement equipment.
1970 Incorporation within the Carl Zeiss Jena Cooperative
1992 Privatisation and renaming as Lehren- und Messgerätewerk Schmalkalden GmbH
2002 Construction of a new production hall for the manufacture of special gauges
2019 Acquired by Marposs S.p.A. Italy