About us

We base our standards on the highest quality. Our customers also stringently observe precision and quality as a foundation for commercial success. This is why we consistently face up to the highest and most recent standards. Since 1938, we have offered the planning, engineering and manufacture of highly precise gauges or complex customised applications as a one-stop solution.

Our assortments includes all kind of gauges according to national and international standards as well as special designs. We offer the full range of dimensional measurement equipment.

We stand out due to an expert consultation to find the best solution for your individual measuring task as well as for a comprehensive care during all stages of the manufacturing process.

Over 200 employees working at our facility use state-of-the-art technology. Not only do they introduce their expertise to standard products, but also to the manufacture of high-quality unique pieces and small series. Dimensional accuracy better than 1µm is routine in their work.

It takes immense skill and experience to satisfy these varied tasks. This is why we train our own, future experts in our in-house workshop to guarantee that the rich wealth of experience offered by our employees is passed on efficiently.